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Originally Posted by mewi View Post
You are the one that is in charge, you are the one pulling the strings. Ever since you came back, the game has turned into a huge gambling machine, mixed with a grinder, and re-enforced with more ill conceived currency systems.

Say what you will about improvements, or about how you feel personally attacked, but when you go out of your way to gouge your playerbase at every corner, or sit by and watch mediocre "Special features" get released at huge costs and criticisms.

Or watch to see bugged content get pushed through regardless of being declared bugged

Or allow players get auto-muted by other players for 24 hours based on "X amount" of spam ignores.

Or leave your support ticket system rendered utterly useless for nearly a year

Lack of a support team

Recycle Has become Cryptics Slogan, although you aren't helping to save the planet by doing so.

Increased Profits Regardless of Above

One is left to wonder where your priorities really exist.
Jeez... they can't just drop everything and fix a few non-priority things like those, especially since there's little-to-no return value on the work needed to do so.

And on a more serious note, it's exactly people like you he was talking about, what with attacks and such. He's here in this thread for all this time, and you still say that? It says a lot more about you than him...
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