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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
I am right. Dodds is finishing up the Space portion of the STF secretely and we haven't told Brandon yet

But Brandon is right in that "Into the Hive" refers to the ground portion of the STF. The space portion will probably have its own name.

It is a face off against the Borg Queen diamond as well as some other challenges at one of the unimatrix complexes. It is pretty awesome.
Just made my day Also could you give us an explanation on the dilithium changes like the increased amount for items, smaller rewards for STFs, greater for Fleet Actions (I know season 6 was big with fleets and you want more people using fleets and the new stuff, but a lot of us just like playing with a couple of friends and/or playing solo) Are you trying to promote areas of the game that are becoming less popular or just doing another rebalance in the games system for future content.

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