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Originally Posted by thisisoverlord View Post
That being the case the concerns I have garnered form the player-base that we wish to see addressed are;
  • The insane increase in Doff grinder Dilithium costs (no on wants this at all)
  • The reduction in Dilithium rewards for STF's
  • The creation of multiple new and expensive Dilithium sinks especially in STF's where to get a full space set and weapons we are looking at a staggering 450k Dilithium

Those are the concerns we wish to see addressed by the team and as you can see their is a common concern in each point.
Very well put. This sums up the concerns voiced in this thread very well. The only other concern voiced was over the future of the eight liberated borg duty officers obtainable from Roxy.

Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
That is a valid point and one that I've already talked to the designers about. We may remove the 2x Dilithium for Gold and just give everyone 960 Dilithium.

It is also worth mentioning, the reason why I'm still on this thread is because all of the feedback in this thread is being shared with the designers and the team. When good points and valid concerns are brought up, I'm taking those concerns to the designers and we're discussing it.

That is one of the purposes of this thread - to get immediate feedback as we are implementing the system. Nothing is set in stone in an MMO an we can always adjust. None of this is even live yet, but we do ask that you give it a fair shake once ALL of Season 7 is up on Tribble and we have the Test Weekend. Then you can see how all the economies are updated and make a more valid assessment.

We will then adjust more from there.
dastahl, thank you very much for your commitment to this thread even after normal business hours. The effort you have put into getting questions brought up here is very much appreciated. Your responses have put some of that concern to rest. Once Season 7 is fully on tribble, I am hopeful that the feedback will help resolve the concern over the additional dilithium costs and reductions.