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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
There is no corporate overlord impossing game design on us. The closest thing we have to that is Jack Emmert and honestly, he plays STO constantly and usually has really good feedback and is constantly trying to get improvements made to the game.
On a side note: If you can pry Jack away from STo long enough to play Champions you might notice their Alert system is far better than the current one in STO.

Would it be possible to set up STO in a similar way?

I know on tribble for Season 6 there was a neat UI popup similar to the "Alert" sidebar in Champions. Could that be set so that a popup would occur for say "Sirius Sector Borg Assault", I click on it and am entered into a queue that, when full, opens an instance for a Borg Red Alert?

This seems like it might fix the still prevalent issue with a Red Alert appearing and people hitting accept only to be taken to empty maps or team that are half full.

This system could then be expanded to include Red Alerts with Tholians, Klingons, etc.

Imagine a Red Alert series featuring a mixed strike force of Klingon/Lethean/Naussicaan/Orion ships that attack Utopia Plantia, Vulcan, Andoria, ESD, Deep Space K-7. Offer both space and ground versions for queuing.

Same could be done with say Romulan/Reman forced attacking Memory Alpha, Starbase 39, Starbase 114(? the one in Regulus sector), and maybe K-7 as well.

These could also be expanded to Orion/Naussicaan attack on Convoys or something.

The Alert system they have would ROCK in STO and be even more sensible. The Enterprise-E wasn't even in the Sirius Sector when they heard of the Borg incursion...why do I have to be?

Doing an Alert system revamp that is similar to what CO has and similar to what I mention above would really make being in game more exciting and open up the chance to add something new with minimal work considering everything I mention is already in-game art-wise.

Toss Dilithium and Rep/Fleet marks on there and you're set.

Also another side: Will we see Reputation within our factions anytime soon?

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