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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post

While I went into an explaination of our view on Dilithium earlier in the thread, the gist of it is that Dilithium is designed to benefit players who have time to play but don't have that much money. The amount of Dilithium needed across the game is determined by the player's desire for rewards and no one ever has to spend any money on Dilithium - period. Everyone can refine Dilithium every day.
If this is what you understand the Dilithium Economy to be, why are you halving the dilithium rewards in STF's and introducing these new Dilithium sinks?, some of which will cost 100,000's of Dilithium. Surely they will only curtail a free players ability to use Dilithium for the purpose you have designed it for... to allow F2P players a chance to buy from the C-Store!?

It seems contradictory.