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Originally Posted by thisisoverlord View Post
If this is what you understand the Dilithium Economy to be, why are you halving the dilithium rewards in STF's and introducing these new Dilithium sinks?, some of which will cost 100,000's of Dilithium. Surely they will only curtail a free players ability to use Dilithium for the purpose you have designed it for... to allow F2P players a chance to buy from the C-Store!?

It seems contradictory.
The designers had a desire to see more people playing the Fleet Actions by making Fleet Actions the best source of Dilithium. Keep in mind that STFs will reward Dilithium AND Omega Marks - and Omega Marks can then be converted to more Dilithium after you've hit max level in Omega, so it may seem just be a short sighted argument.