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10-24-2012, 07:15 PM
Originally Posted by pogmahone70 View Post
If the dil prices were not cut and if the fleet actions gave everyone the same amount and not tiered (DPS always wins) then things would go over a little smoother. Lobi crystals and dil should be account wide and not toon wide also because it would make the grind a little easier. The realistic fact is more sinks have been added to the game and the amount we make has been reduced so we have the grind effect.
Mr Stahl already responded to me on 1 of these issues: He agrees that the 1st/2nd/3rd place reward system would probably not be a good team building idea and that a flat 960 dilth would be awarded to everyone.

As I said this is the most sensible thing to do - this whole MMO - the whole idea of STO - the whole idea of group missions is to support each other to get things done. Many many mission would collapse in failure if everyone was just out to be the winner. The amount of hate and annomosity that would start to be generated towards other players could cripple STO permantly. Franckly it would be a disaster, and I don't want to see the game I love crumble over players fighting for 1st place in everything.