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( Notice: I don't know how I posted the same thread twice at different times, but I don't know )

Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
Jeez... they can't just drop everything and fix a few non-priority things like those, especially since there's little-to-no return value on the work needed to do so.

And on a more serious note, it's exactly people like you he was talking about, what with attacks and such. He's here in this thread for all this time, and you still say that? It says a lot more about you than him...
Call it what you will, "insulting," "offensive," or whatever, an emotional response is not required. Do you deny my speculation, or facts presented have been faulty in anyway?

Originally Posted by purplegamer View Post
So given everything you lay out here, what is the rationale behind halving dilithium rewards for STFs yet adding a dilithium cost to the sets where one didn't exist before? Why is there a dilithium cost being tacked onto the the DOFF exchange? We're also getting another dilithium sink in the embassy system. All of these new ways to spend dilithium, but still only 8k a day assuming you hit the cap all the time.

From the outside looking in, I see less dilithium on hand (requiring more time invested) and more sinks. It looks and sounds like currency manipulation.
Because it is manipulation, and he is lying to us. There is no other rational explanation for these dilithium changes.

Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
This is so far from the truth that it actually made me laugh. While any business could always use more profit, it has little to nothing to do with Season 7 STF changes.

The Dilithium exchange counts for such a small part of our business that adding more to this does not have any significant change on our bottom line when compared to other promotions such as the Lifetime sale or 15% Zen Sales.
Good, then you can change what you changed, back, or give more dilithium, since it doesn't hurt the company that much.

But logic dictates, that your statement is a lie, you will not make any real effort to correct this dilithium sinkhole, or price fixing, and this lie will be clearly displayed upon release.

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