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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
The designers had a desire to see more people playing the Fleet Actions by making Fleet Actions the best source of Dilithium. Keep in mind that STFs will reward Dilithium AND Omega Marks - and Omega Marks can then be converted to more Dilithium after you've hit max level in Omega, so it may seem just be a short sighted argument.
I can understand the rewards parts but if you wanted to use dilithium to help F2P players why does increasing Dilithium rewards in Fleet actions require a reduction in STF's?

Also why have the dilithium sinks at all in STF's? Why would you want to divert dilithium away from it's original intent to help players buy C-Store items. There is already a lot of dilithium diversion as it is.

Indeed if Dilithium was intended to simply help F2P players access the C-Store why has it been diverted to other functions at all?

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