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10-24-2012, 07:20 PM
Let me be a bit more specific in my critique of the new system. The system structure seems fine. The costs in terms of time and time/money seem excessive. The problem for me is the conversion of the old system to new system. You give player absolutely no crediting for the number of times that have have already run the STFs. I'm not talking about accolates, drops, etc. Player who have investe large amounts of time already need to be credited in the Omega Reputation System. Player who have put in enough runs should immediately be rewarded with Tier 5 of the Omega System. And player putting in lesser number fo runs being rewarded Repuations in proportion. I have no objection to players being so rewarded so.

This solution rewards player who have spent a year trying to earn that third set piece immediately. And yet will not rewards the player who get's lucky in receiving their first few STF runs. This system i supposed to a Omega Fleet Reputation system. Well for player whom have already done Omega Fleet activity, reward them!!