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Originally Posted by leafykille001 View Post
i would like to know if there is any way to increace the rate at which shields moove from one faceing to another when you press the focous shields on this faceing button, i would also like to know how you can work out what this rate is, or is it simply a fixed thing that is useful early game but useless later on?
The manual shield reinforcement abilities are fixed. You can't speed them up. However, the BOFF Ability Tactical Team gives 10 seconds of incredible fast shield reinforcement on shields taking file. So so effective that it will can keep one siled facing up and drain your other shield facings down to nothing.

The manual shield reinforcement is not useless at any level. I use shield reinforcement and redistribute shield strength all the time even at the level cap. Not all of my ships can have back to back Tactical Teams up all the time.