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10-24-2012, 10:39 PM
The Federation New Service offers insight into events on Qo'nos... but what could the Klingons have to do with renegade Starfleet officers...?

Greetings, fellow beings.

Reports are coming out of the Klingon home world, Qo'Nos, regarding some kind of disturbance. Normally, the internal affairs of the Klingon Empire and kept tightly under wraps, but we received the following transmission anonymously.

*The image shifts to a shot of the First City where random fires and explosions can be seen.*

We also received a burst transmission in Klingon, which we have translated. The transmission reads:

"Toddman's prizes have escaped! Call Korvak now!"

We are currently uncertain what this means, but this is the second mention of the name Toddman we have received in relation to a mysterious event. We will bring you further details as we have them.
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