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10-24-2012, 09:40 PM
Ground combat is also far less fluid and smooth than space is on top of that. Though one of the biggest reasons is the fact that yes, enemies like the Borg rip your shields and health off with just one shot, or one volley of fire, even with max points into PS Generators and Combat Armor, they just hit that hard, let alone if they critical you.

Although team work is a very important thing on the ground, more so than in space. If you don't have a team who knows exactly what to do, it's not gonna be fun or easy for you at all. I've ran many an IGE where the run goes well, all the until Becky's room, and where team work is most important, and hence why we don't finish it. Same applies for CGE, but not so much for Armek, as the actual gates to get there.

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