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10-24-2012, 10:47 PM
Originally Posted by esquire1980 View Post
You don't PVP much, do you? I'm not all that sure I'm the one here that doesn't understand STO's mechanics. If you actualy get a decent PVP build, you'll pretty much faceroll PVE, even the 20 man.

Re-reading your post I realize I am in error. I read it as you saying that a patrol escort had 4 eng power slots, not consoles and that you were referring to PvE, not PvP. In my defense It didn't FEEL that late lol.

That said I do not believe you need a Power Transfer console in a cruiser, but I only run my cruiser alt in PvE, not PvP. I gave up even casual PvP when it became impossible to play a match against anything that wasn't a PvP premade.