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10-24-2012, 11:04 PM
i HATE every last one of the new passives especially the kinetic penetrate. whats the point of all that crap? how are the sandbox bound pve kiddies even going to notice a difference as they slam their forehead on the space bar? this is a 100% pvp addition, take ownership of it guys, its ours, for it is pvp that this will effect, nothing else.

and it just... its such a terrible addition, there are no words. all these stupid passives, its just more chance of random i win button going off, turning the player vs player experience on its head. slam forehead on space bar, wait for i win proc, receive victory. it lessens the skill requirement, just waiting for blind luck to win for you, and it WIDENS the gap between pedestrian and min maxed to the extreme builds. again, this is going to hurt low skill players the most, and have a universally bad effect on pvp as a whole.

NOTHING in game would piss me off more then some DHC crit, also procing kinetic and killing me even though i have a strong active defense that it takes some measure of skill to keep intact. and when i trap someone is plasma, and let loose with my critH3 guns, am i going to be healing him more then harming him?

oh and every energy weapon causing a plasma proc, good job devs you really fixed the plasma weapon problem here didn't you. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT. so now everyone will be setting everyone on fire forever, regardless of what color your beam is. that wont seem kind of absurd or anything right? this isn't in fact an insult to everyone that just wanted it to be viable to use actual plasma weapons, and have the exclusivity of that proc, right? oh wait it IS

just like how an actual romulan faction is made impossible by season 7: smoother the romulans with kindness, there will also never be a day were we can equip plasma weapon, that require plasma energy tactical consoles, viably. this kills that, this is their fix. every plasma weapon drop will remain worthless forever, 1/6 of all possible energy weapons we can use.

this is really getting desperate, no one at cryptic is qualified to introduce stuff like this unless they FRICKING PVP. if you devs don't, you CANT know what your doing. and you cant just take away these stupid additions after you introduce them and they prove game breaking! the kiddies NEEEEEED them to kill their npcs now

this is different from over reacting about ES and RSP, this is a fundamental change to what ends up happening every time you fire your weapon. something you can do 1000-10000 times in a match EASILY.
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