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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
Ok, just checked with the designers and here is what they've done for Season 7

- Normal STFs now reward 240 Dilithium + Omega Marks
- Elite STFs now reward 480 Dilithium + Omega Marks + Borg Commodity for MKXII Sets
- Fleet Actions now reward 960 Dilithium (1st place Gold gets 2x this = 1920 Dilithium)
NOTE: All STF ?currency? items not spent before Season 7 launch will be converted to the new system!

There are 42 items that will be converted including:

Encrypted Data Chips (EDCs)
Marks of Requisition
Recruit, Veteran, and Elite Requisitions
Rare and Prototype Borg Salvage
Common, Rare, and Prototype Tech

All types of these items will be immediately converted to Omega Marks and Borg Neural Processors when the owning character logs in for the first time after Season 7 releases.

Any items converted this way will go into a storage device which cannot be retrieved until the character reaches Tier 5 in the Task Force Omega Reputation System.
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That is exactly how this makes me feel.

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