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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
After everyone can see the conversion rates and have the adjusted reward tables, then we you can make an informed opinion about everything instead of trying to react to only a small portion of the changes to a large system.
That is one thing I would like to see on tribble is seeing where my resources built now will take it into the future. Especially since across many characters I have boat loads of EDC's, left over XI techs of space and ground, and then quite a few have 2 out 3 prototype techs for space and ground.

Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
The designers had a desire to see more people playing the Fleet Actions by making Fleet Actions the best source of Dilithium. Keep in mind that STFs will reward Dilithium AND Omega Marks - and Omega Marks can then be converted to more Dilithium after you've hit max level in Omega, so it may seem just be a short sighted argument.
I'm usually not an optimist but its becoming more evident how commited the STO teams are once given the proper resources and support. IMO turning batteries into miracles is something to be proud of. Really though after thinking about it first two months seemed like an eternity of time to redo things in a way that aren't in the game yet so not actually redoing them. Also though I looked back to what kind of drop ratio I get per month off of the tier 5 xii stuff and it doesn't seem bad at all putting some thought into it. A small microscopic chance of playing a year on some characters and not getting a single drop on ones that don't have sets yer or 2 more months I would have spent anyways and be able to just pick it up when I get to that point.

I know I'm a naysayer but there hasn't been anything in quite some time that was promised or hinted at that wasn't delivered on. This is a really good move for STO especially so I can enjoy playing both factions without looking at it like really good new ships coming out but nothing coming on side I'm getting most of my resources. The playerbase just needs to let it sink in and it'll be okay I think.

The last thing though the only things season 7 hasn't brought but I am pretty sure the way the game is changing for the better is things to be put in such as items coming from different races we don't have yet like Klingons and Andorians, a happy medium balance for the B'rels Enhanced Battle Cloak, and Elements from voyager. I really think once the issues are resolved with the progression of the Starbase, Omega, and Romulan systems. This system would be a really great way to implement a Delta Quadrant one as well and give a look into the places voyager passed by on its way and see how voyager impact has changed those areas of the Delta Quadrant after 40 years. I also really really want to see what the artists can do with Klingon Designs after seeing the really great federation ships. I think one great reward to slip into the tier 5 Omega Rep system is putting in that Assimilated Carrier as a reward and possibly maybe an Assimilated Caitian Carrier for the fed side. Anyways good job with season 7 I am sure it will be one to remember