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10-24-2012, 10:14 PM
1: Have weapons do different dmg. No point in everything being the same dmg, one has to be better than the other.

2: Make certain torpedoes true to the show.

3: New warp effects and or camera angles.

4: Balance out ground vs borg. Too one sided.

5: Let fleets choose the kind of starbase they want. Fed or DS9 looking one.

6: Fleet starbase battles. Maybe have a sight for up to 6 fleet members to allow the station to attack. ( Thinking like the DS9 battles when the station came alive )

7: Have the option to be chased back to your home starbase, similar to DS9 episodes.

8: Have set items give different looks to your ships to show your work. The aegis and jem hadar's have different colors and looks. But the mako's and omega's dont. This doesnt make any sense.

9: Have rogue factions similar to the maquis.

10: Have some new playable factions. Romulans and remans. Borg maybe for the gold members or lifetime members.

11: REFINING MORE DILITHIUM in a single day.

12: More story missions created by star trek online dev's.

13: More cross breeding of weapons and shields etc.

14: Maybe some new MK XIV's or XV's weapons and or gear. Some more incentive to keep going when people are already totally geared out....

15: Bring back explorer marks for lower levels to get gear upgrades.

16: More ship variants or let people make their own kind of looking ship based on components of ships they already have.

17: Have heavy cannons on certain ships and other cannons specific to other ships.

18: Being able to explore the gamma and delta quadarants

19: Allow peoples ships to carry shuttles so people dont have to return to starbases to get them. Maybe have an animation of people flying out of their ships in shuttlecrafts.

20: Have more events to where a new hostile force attacks homeworlds where its a call to arms.

Just some of my many ideas......