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10-24-2012, 10:22 PM
Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
Yeeeeeeah, I'm not certain that'll happen, personally.

I know exactly what the issues are, both underlying and recent. But at the basic fundamental level, I don't see them as issues, because I don't think they're that big a deal, even when they affect me.

Call me weird, but that's what I think.
Ok... youre weird. No seriously... these issues are pretty big. And they should be addressed.

And going back to your conversation with mewi, I will say that "if longterm players quitting doesn't concern Cryptic, then they don't belong in this business." and "if they can't take feedback in all forms, then they aren't appropriately conducting themselves as developers." are both true.

Developers live and die by their player base. If Cryptic does not care that players are going to quit if things keep up like this... Cryptic will die, and STO will along with them. If they cant take feedback in all forms, whether or not its critical of them or otherwise, then they are doomed. Ive seen it happen with other developers who get shuttered when their games fail.