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Originally Posted by mewi View Post
( and how is that a "threat"? ) you aren't making any sense.

Furthermore, I've already pointed out, I'm not here to befriend a machine, if I want to be friends with individual developers then sure, why not. But that will not in any fashion, modify how I think or what opinions I will convey. On another note, if they can't take feedback in all forms, then they aren't appropriately conducting themselves as developers.

This is a point I'd like to latch on to. Cryptic seem to have gotten into a habit of dismissing certain types of feedback based on the tone of it or another reason but the reality is theres some form of feedback in almost everything.

A simple emotional outburst to the effect of "I don't like this" is feedback. If this theme is persistant then it's up to them to figure out why a particlar feature is disliked. Fortunately for them, many explanations from several sources detail why such features are disliked so they needn't scratch their heads. Worryingly they seem to dismiss a lot of feedback and treat the detailed explanations as isolated comments not to be heeded.

So I agree, if they can't take feedback in all forms, a fault does indeed lie with them.

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