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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post

If you want to see more detailed information on this, I may be giving a talk about how Dilithium helps to fight "pay to win" F2P games at GDC in 2013 by offering players the chance to trade their time to another player in order to get all the goodies in the Store.
right, and this only works so long as there is an actual demand for dilithium*. The problem right now is that dilithium is virtually worthless in PVE high end at a certain point - you get better gear from STF's (and not dilithium) and you only need a relatively small amount of dilithium for a bunch of good doffs.

As with all MMO design, it's a difficult balance between having things worth doing and having things that feel repetitively grindy.

*and I mean specifically dilithium. If you can get EC instead that's fine too, selling lockbox keys for example, but the zen-dilithium exchange only works if people actually want dilithium at a continual rate.