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10-24-2012, 10:43 PM
It has been widely discussed that the maco shield is the most preferable shield in the game, and that, if a player were to have acess to it and the plasmonic leech they would become nearlt unstopable. While most of these arguments were simply against the federation getting the leech it now seems that klingon players will be able to get the maco shield. So my question is has there been a balance pass over the new sets or are you waiting to see what data turns up? And if there hasn't. Have you considered what would happen should a klingon carrier be equipped with the maco shield, plasmonic leech, siphon drones, and aceton assimilators? While the level of power drain does not go up the level of power generation does increase. Is this a valid concern? Or is it as usual doom sayers making things up because they don't want some one having and advantage?
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