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10-25-2012, 12:10 AM
Guys honestly i don't understand why some are complaining about the new passive powers from reputation system.
As long as they are not random oneshotting abilities, they:
- are available to all toons and ships
- have an internal cooldown and low proc
- are not p2w consoles
- are in the form of more damage or more healing, just like the doff procs

We will adapt to them, as we always do when there are new things.
Usually we complain because we have no time to test things on tribble and things go live broken, but this time we have this possibility and we can contribute with our feedback to make those power more balanced if this is the case.

Personally, i'm happy with the changes because they add more variables to our builds and they add possibilities to the existing ones.
Remember what happened with the ES\RSP cooldown thing? We complained and then the change was good. Of course there were times when the changes were wrong and we were not heared (psw nerf, bort, c'mon fix it plz), but we should thanks Borticus because this community finally has a dev listening and doing things, and this is good for us and for the game.