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10-25-2012, 12:30 AM
Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
I'll be brutally honest, the more I hear what Cryptic has instore for us in Season 7, the more contempt I have for this company. Everything I hear is nothing but disrespect toward us customers.

I can understand you wanting people to play Fleet Actions again, but there is a reason nobody does them anymore - ITS BORING!!!!! Don't you recall when you added Marks and Dailies and VR rewards to these things, and THAT DID NOT HELP! And adding Dilithium isn't going to help in the long term.

You nerfed the Contraband DOFF income
You just nerfed the STF income (by what 60%?)
You increased DOFF Exchange costs by 1000%
You now forcing us to buy STF items and sets with Dilithium.

You need to leave the STF Dilithium amount alone and let players choose what they want to play to earn. Set the ammounts equal and set the bonuses accordingly. If someone gets Gold in a Fleet Action, fine, they get the bonus. (BTW, you know that is going to be an Escort, so that just brings up an old sore where Escorts always get First Place.) If someone wants to do Elite STFs, let them.

But don't nerf people's income, it really sends the wrong message.
Uhh, If you're going to reward based on performance, you should include shield and hull healing done, damaged reduced by actions performed, damaged increased by actions performed.

The strongest player in a group isn't always the guy with the highest dps. Sometimes it's the guy behind him keeping his shields up, hull at 100%, targeting shield subsystem, sub nucing those nasty power ups and applying a high powered sensor scan to boot.

Likewise on ground.

Or better yet, just leave the damn dilithium reward alone (Devs).