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Welcome to phased tetryplasdisruptorons... let's just do every proc there is in one weapon.
Ultimaron Weapons - 2.5% to do a proc which grants a random number of random weapon procs!

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I do like the suggestion of different procs depending on the type of ship piloted. I think that has real potential, and shouldn't be that hard to program, I wold imagine. Barring bugs, which never happen in STO
Exactly. I half expect them to break the replicators while trying to program a boff skill. Like how they somehow broke the exchange over and over again.

(The devs really have a fetish for DS9...)

I'll just plod along slowly. First thing first, the starbase and building up a good doff portfolio. Maybe they'll nerf the rep system someday, and I'd rather not have sunk anything into that when it happens. But before that happens I need to have a good starship, and its not like the Romulans are giving out D'deridexes at T5.

So starbase and doffs. And saving up for an attack bug. Screw S7. And pvp for that matter.

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So, Mai Kai are you ready to come over to MWO yet?
Are you guys forming a merc corp called Starfleet? If so, I'm ditching my House Kurita badge.
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What should I wish upon the endless universe;
To be able to smile and forgive everything;
That's right, if we light up the dream in our hearts without averting our eyes;
We should be able to walk whatever tomorrow comes...

I am V. Adm. Kha Yuung, and I approve of this message.