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10-25-2012, 04:17 AM
to be honest, engineers seem to be he least favourable class for ground combat. But getting oneshot is also a question of preperation and skill. The Tac needs to get close to you to oneshot you, engineers have mines, transphasic bombs to make this difficult for tacs.

Don't use a bunker or fabrication kit in PVP...those are support kits, not suited for 1vs1 combat.

you should be able, with the right kit, to counter his initial attack and outlast the tac, since he will eventually run out of heals...the engineer can hold his breath longer.
Use weapons with Knock back.

equipment technician or enemy neutralization kits are better suited for pvp than the others.
But serious ground PVP with an engi requires insane skill imho...better off with a sci or tac.

also doffs are essential, although most are suited for turret and drone fabrication...there are some others that help with the kits i posted above.
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