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More to share!

*** Tactical CIC Starbase 381 ***

"Admiral... what does it mean, 'Toddman's prizes have escaped?'" a young lieutenant looked up from his station to Admiral Hunter who stood glaring at the massive display screen where long range scans, astrometric data and new reports simultaneously unfolded in a holographic symphony.

"We have to consider what Toddman's prizes might actually be, Lieutenant. I doubt its a set of rare Captain Proton commemorative plates." Hunter looked over with a smirk, then realizing the young officer was Vulcan she adds, "I think it means I have 2 Captains comporting themselves as unruly guests. Contact Captains Poel and Rel'valis immediately, and put all commands on alert status right away."

"Aye, aye, Admiral. Anything else?"

"Yes... I want the hospital ship USS Curie to set course for Qo'nos immediately. Clearly something is wrong, and we should offer medical and disaster relief assistance. I want her covered by any of our cloaked ships... contact Captain Sprint immediately. Prep the Transwarp Gateway to facilitate emergency recall of our ships in the event we need to play that card. Step to it... its going to be a busy day."

((OOC - My intention is that we RP these measures, perhaps this evening, or as the case may warrant. This post is mainly to seed some more story drama for all to hook on to))