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Originally Posted by philipag View Post
Is STO becoming too easy? Do "casual players" keep STO in business? Is everyone a "Jedi"? (sorry, I mean Captain Kirk, Picard, Sisko, etc.)

I don't like to rush to judgment, but this sounds a little like the mistake that killed Star Wars Galaxies.

Too easy is boring.
There are some 'interesting' paralells.

Star Wars Galaxies: Players who wished to play a Jedi character had to first unlock their Jedi slot by fulfilling an unknown list of criteria. The first player to unlock a 'Jedi slot' did so on November 7, 2003, four months after the release of the game. Players criticized Sonly Online Entertainment for the substantial time commitment to unlock a Jedi.

Said changes were later admitted to be “stupid decisions”.

Now, with STO we have a very similar scenario forthcoming - a slight reword of the above:

STO: Players who wished to obtain the Omega gear had to first unlock their equipment by fulfilling an unknown list of criteria that took several months. Players criticized PWE for the substantial time commitment to unlock this equipment.

And this is WITHOUT factoring in the dilithium cost!

Sad really - doesn't seem as if the mistakes that failed one MMO are anything that STO's dev's are willing to learn from.


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