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10-25-2012, 06:13 AM
Oh my days... Will you lot please stop being so damn... (I'm sure you get the message)

How many tac-tank/scorts have we seen due to this set?

How many zombie cruisers have we seen due to this set?

The correct answer to both of these is "TOO DAMN MANY!"; heck even the PvP community have complained on occasion about them. As for you hereticknight make your damn mind up! First you complain that tank/scorts are putting cruisers out of a job about now that Cryptic are FINALLY ending their reign you're complaining about THAT! Deary me... I personally refuse outright to run the thing because it's too powerful.

It's not about punishing creativity, it's about balance... you know... that thing you gave the impression you wanted...

Rant over