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# 1 Shuttles in PvP Queues
10-25-2012, 06:11 AM
Like for STFs and some other PvE queues, a restriction needs to be implemented for PvP queues to not allow players to queue with Shuttles set as their current ship.

If you want to PvP with your shuttle, start up a private match (like BranFlakes does with his special events).

Don't ruin the PvP queues by bringing along your shuttle, especially if you're someone like this guy:

Originally Posted by treffell View Post
where was i? oh yeah, tactics in pvp pug matches in a shuttle

no i wasn;t, i was writing aboiut builds i think

at any rate tactics, which are from tacticus - a roman i think, "fact non verba"
is somethng he did not write i think, but at any rate "deeds not words"

which in a shuttle in pvp means drawing the enemy attention to you, escaping, having teammates blow them up or chase- turn around and make a kill

and if this is nt happening then target a carrier that n one bnothers with and hit it with like an isometric charge

or that klingon putrple ray thng i got in a box but dont use much cause i like the graphic of the sometirc charge better

graphic and color over all in pvp

and don;t die

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