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10-25-2012, 08:10 AM
"and force us to adhere to a more vanilla and downright boring full set combos."

So, instead of everyone using 2x Maco + 2x Borg or 3x Borg + Maco Shield, getting either two set combos, or becoming stupidly tanky on virtually any ship, now people have to make due with one set and no ways to become stupidly tanky on virtually any ship.

Sounds to me like now people have to get creative and figure out how to make due without 2 different set combos.

Sorry to break it to you, but stopping one or two set combos from being stupidly better than virtually every other set/set combo isn't going to stop creative builds, but foster it. As it is now, anyone who uses either of those bog standard combos isn't being creative at all, but just doing what almost everyone else is doing.

I personally prefer 2x Omega + Maco Shields. Sometimes, I go 2x Maco + Omega Engines. Sometimes when I feel like using lolarons I run 2x Jem'Hadar + Maco Shield/Omega Engine.