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# 1 What SHOULD I buy pre-S7
10-25-2012, 07:26 AM
Have been working on a PvP only toon for a couple months now and I got it just about right- until this S7 monkey wrench- I'm TAC, fly a energy ONLY Raptor, got 4 Lethean bridge crew and eat normal STF's for snacks with AEGIS set and white mk 11 gear.

Since I won't be playing this Romulan mark reputation game I ask for suggestions to cash out my accumulated STF drops: 63 EDC, 15 rare salvage, 2 common shield tech, 2 common deflector tech, 1 mk10 requisition, and 1 mk 11 requisition. I won't be needing borg ship weapons as I'm planning on fleet weapons once I figure out how to roll my 5000 zen into a fleet ship and not get ***** by the lack of discount for KDF fleet ship ugrade.

So lets hear some suggestions, time is ticking.
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