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10-25-2012, 07:29 AM
Well okay I did buy this ship because it was featured on a Voyager Episode .

As memory serve's, on the Episode the Romulan's stole it and then toward the end the two holographic doctor's ended up running it during a fire right with the Romulans.

When separated into 3 part's the Prometheus fires simultaneously (almost like the Dreadnoughts' Phaser Lance) thus destorying a Romulan War bird in one shot . . (Or at least of what I do remember of the Episdoe). .

Prometheus Fire Power Seen here. .

Oh. . and did I hear that computer voice say "Regenerative Shielding"?

Like many of you here, I am very dissappointed in this vessel in game. Prometheus was suppose to be another Dreadnought ship and Weapon. . They need to correct this big time.