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Good to meet you, sir! Stop by the site sometime and say hello. We're always looking other role players to RP and game with.


USS Monitor - Bridge
0100hrs ship's time

Lieutenant (j.g.) Justin Prestman leaned back in his helm chair with a tired sigh. Staring at the blank forward view screen he contemplated leaving his post for the mess hall. Docked at Praetorian left the young over eager helm officer with nothing to do, and as the OOD at 0100hrs ship board time, he was the only officer on duty at the moment.

Making a clucking sound with his tongue he slowly spun his chair around to face the rest of the cramped compartment. The lights were dimmed for night operations, and the majority of the crew were either asleep, or enjoying themselves aboard the starbase. As a formality, at least one watch officer was to manage the bridge in case of emergency. Justin had drawn the short straw.

His eyes refocused on the port hatchway and a smile tugged at his lips. Leaning in the hatch way was one Lieutenant Paddie Groah, her uniform exchanged for loose fitting silk Pajamas, her long dark hair pulled up into a much more casual and loosely held formation of her normal duty attire.

Just the way Justin liked it, and she knew it. She was a Betazoid after all.

?You know? you woke me up,? he said with a small smirk. She leaned off of the railing, allowing the hatchway to glide shut behind her. Justin simply smiled as he slid his hands back behind his fingers and interlocked them. ?I didn?t mean to. I was just trying to keep myself occupied?.,? he said with a knowing smile. ?So, what, did you come to complain??

Paddie?s smile lit up the compartment as she slid down onto her boyfriend?s lap. ?Yes, consider this my noise complaint to the bridge. Keep your dirty thoughts to yourself, until you get home.? She leaned forward just enough to meet his lips with her own, arousing, tantalizing thoughts filtering from Justin?s mind to her own? before she sat back. ?Oh, that?s right. You?re on duty!?, she exclaimed teasingly as her hand came down on his chest in a swat. ?No TLC for you, Mister.?

Pleasant surprise turned to abject shock as he leaned forward to wrap his arms around her waist. ?You?re a tease. There has to be something about that in the SCMJ. No tantalizing the OOD, or something.?

Before Paddie could respond with something witty a console at her own duty station beeped for attention. Paddie bit her lower lip, casting a look over to the Combat Astrogator?s station. Lips pursing, she pushed herself off of Justin and made her way over to the station. ?What is it?,? Justin asked as he sat up in his chair, the playfulness dashed by the interruption.
?Not sure,? she responded, before she fit her head set over her ear- tapping commands into the touch interface she replied to the hail with a crisp Betazoid accent. ?Praetorian, this is Monitor- go ahead.?

Justin folded his arms over his chest and watched Paddie with a sour expression, a sense of dread creeping up in his stomach. She cast a glance at him, either responding to his own thoughts on the matter, or the operations manager aboard the station. After a moment she responded with a curt ?acknowledged?, and cut the link.

?Wheres the Captain?,? she asked, leaning a hip onto the padded rail of the work station. Justin offered her a knowing smirk. ?He called earlier tonight, said he?d be over on Columbia. Said He?d check back in with us for Alpha shift. Why, what?s up??
Worry etched the young woman?s face, highlighted by the dimmed lights of the bridge. ?Orders from the Admiral- We?re being sent to Qo?nos.?
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