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When it comes to space combat, when you have the right gear you are at an even playing field as the borg. But when it comes to ground combat it seems way off. The borg can one shot our shields and take 75% of health off with a single blast. So how in the hell is that fair? I see more people queue'in up for space elites way more than ground and I think this is the reason why.

Because for ground you actually need a balanced team(for the most part.. an all tac team can still breeze through a ground mission if done right).. so a engineer who can drop generators, a science with medical kit, and tacticals actually focusing fire while using overwatch to help the team while killing stuff will make even ground elites quite pleasant... with a little luck even possible with random groups in which I've had infected elite ground runs where no one has died because everyone did what they are supposed to within a team.

If it's done right with that type of balanced team, those heals and extra damage resistances you find those elite drones still hurt a lot when they critical but not 1 shot crits. Get an unblanaced team but they know what they're doing you'll make it quite alright (probably will die at some point though with no extra resistances from the 3 different careers). Get a bad team where people think the way to fight the borg is to skip around like they had 10 gallons of coffee with 2 massive sugar cubes expecting their armor and shields to take it all and survive.. well is going to be hard and frustrating with 1 shot criticals left and right.
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