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Originally Posted by atomictiki View Post
"Improved from nothing, but less than currently given."

I think that sums it up nicely!
If someone else had a look at the almost endless discussion to the latest dev-blog, he/she could have found the answere:

Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
Ok, just checked with the designers and here is what they've done for Season 7

- Normal STFs now reward 240 Dilithium + Omega Marks
- Elite STFs now reward 480 Dilithium + Omega Marks + Borg Commodity for MKXII Sets
- Fleet Actions now reward 960 Dilithium (1st place Gold gets 2x this = 1920 Dilithium)

In Season 7, Fleet Actions will now become the best source of Dilithium between the two types of Events.

In addition Fleet Actions will now have better rewards in general
Gold = Purple + 1920 Dilithium
Silver = Purple + 960 Dilithium
Bronze = Blue + 960 Dilithium
All others = Green + 960 Dilithium

In addition, at max level in the Omega Fleet a repetable project unlocks that converts Omega Marks to Dilithium at a rate of 50 marks to 500 dilithium or thereabouts.

The new Red Alert daily in the New Romulus Sector also rewards 480 Dilithium in addition to Rom marks.

All of this could change before Season 7 hits, but that is what the current plan is.
So, increased rewards for Fleet-Actions is a correct statement, decreased reward for doing STFs is something that you will read in one of the next Tribble-Patch-Notes.

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