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Originally Posted by maarkean View Post
As the leader of a small fleet I'm very concerned by this news. it takes us a lot of time already to get the dilithium and doffs necessary for fleet projects. We mix our doffs with recruitment and fleet doffs. If recruitment missions starting cost a lot of dilithium we'll have even less to put to the starbase (T3 upgrade at 648,000 is already going to take us weeks to gather).
^^ This

I've had the upgrade to Tier 3 base project active for over a week and my small fleet hasn't even been able to get HALF of the 648k dilithium donated. We do continue to complete 3x Tier 2 Military projects since we're close 50k exp on that grind, but again, that opens up the upgrade Tier 3 Shipyard project which is ANOTHER 324k dilithium to complete. So between finishing both of those upgrades, that's close to 1 million dilithium that a small fleet must gather. Sigh.
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