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Originally Posted by crypticarmsman View Post
Thing is - Hyperbole dosen't help and the "OMG! It's the NGU/NCE from SWG all over again." routine gets trotted out way too often and starts to loose impact when used for rally against something you don't like in another MMO.

As bad as some of the changes may look, it's nowhere NEAR as bad as what SOE/LA tried to do to SWG in 2005 in hopes to compete directly with WoW at the time (which was the only reason the changes to SWG - coupled with a massive media campaign, including TV ads.)

They're adding (and still itterating a new endgame reputation system - and as a result changing how endgame gear is earned, and adding some new passive powers you can earn in the new process as well.)

STO is NOT ripping out and redoing their Class system, Ground and Space combat system, and mission system in one swoop (Which is what was done to SWG in one major patch to try and make in 'WoW-like'.)

The situation is HARDLY similar in the last.
You missed my point -- I'm not saying that the amount of changes or the scope of the changes approach those in the CU/NGE -- I'm saying that the clueless stupidity BEHIND the changes is similar and the aftermath could be similar (people quit playing a game that they once loved because of the changes made by devs who obviously don't care about said players opinions).
No Star Trek Series went past Season 7.

Will Star Trek Online survive Season 7?

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