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Single cannon tac odysseys are really good. You have to use the separation console on one of the other Odyssey chaises so its expensive but it puts out dps like mad and can keep it on target.

4x Antiproton Single cannons
4x Antiproton Turrets
3x Antiproton turrets 1x Antiproton beamArray (Borg MK XII work but this is a crit build so a MK XI with CritH x3 does wonders as well)

Officer powers
Tac1: TT, Crf, APO1
Tac2: TT, Csv or BO1, Csv
Engi1: EPTS1, RSP, ATS(aux to structural), EWP2/3
Engi2: EPTS1
Sci: HazEm1, TSS2

Omega Deflector
Omega Engine
MACO Shield

Little bit of leeway here but this my party mix set
Separation console, Neutronium, Vent Theta, RCS console or Neutronium
Assimilated module, Field Generator, Sci of your pick
3x Antiproton Mags or 2 if you use the Sci

The whole idea is your not gonna rely on getting super high Acc to hit things. You trap them in the warp plasma and vent theta. That drops the defense scores enough that 90% of your shots will hit. The rest of the magic comes from the 180 field of fire from the cannons. the 17 deg/s turnrate you get with the seperation console means that as long as you make good use of turning while in reverse you can keep escorts in your field of fire.
So do that, whatever it takes to keep a constant rain of fire on an enemy do it. Your in a cruiser you can take a pounding in this ship and if you have people healing you it gets stupid. Escorts on the other hand are usually terribly fragile and unless your facing a good team normally away from heals, hunt them down and hurt them they wont be expecting a EWP + crf + APO + wep battery from an Odyssey

I use a subspace jump in my sci consoles slot to hop out to stranglers and put them in warp plasma. Its unexpected and lets you choose where to go after your target.

This link might work:

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