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# 1 DOFF Issues..
10-25-2012, 09:53 AM
on my Klingon toon i have had some issues with the DOFFs. a few of my missions show that i have the ability to work on. but i can't do anything with them.

example- ENG Dilithium mining mission...
when i look thru my available i have uncommon, common and rare officers in the list that could be used for all the postions..even a few extras...either for the resolve it needs or by title. Now,once i click into the mission..i have the 5 commidities i need. but, i have no officer available for the first slot..even tho its an "any officer" spot. then i click on a different officer slot and i have officers available and can fill all the other available slots. just not the first. but, i know i have at least 3 that can be used just for that position that werent used for the rest of the open positions.

this happens on several missions under my ENG and TAC lists. Anyone else seen this? Am i missing something obvious?

thanks in advance.

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