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# 1 Firepower Imbalance
10-25-2012, 08:54 AM
Have you noticed how torpedos have become next to useless because of Borg Kits, and Tac Team? Its already insult to canon that the torpedos don't do much to shields while being shown otherwise in the shows and movies, but its also a contradiction of what kind of DPS they give it when it fires from NPC's. Topedo spread coming out of an NPC battleship or Dreadnought rips through your shields and half your hull, yet they don't do any shield penetration for players. The only type ships can now enjoy the use torpedos are escorts/ destroyers because they are armed with cannons that rip through shield within second, then they could drop their volley of torpedos on to the bare hull of their target. Ships that has to use beams can't wear down shields nearly as fast and don't work at all against Tac Team and Borg kits, so cruisers can't enjoy the use of the torpedos , at all. How is that supposed to be fair and balance, Mr. Dev?

Its funny how the ships that was designed in canon to fire a single burst topedo spread is only allowed to fire the least amount of torpedos per spread, while escort ships that don't fire spread volleys in the shows, are allowed to fire the most amount of torpedos per spread. There is not one show or movie showing the BOPs firing more than one torpedo at a time. In DS9, the Defiant never fired more than two torpedos at a time, and can only fire more than two in a consecutive order. Most of the ships in canon only fire consecutive order of torpedos, except for the Galaxy types. Even the Sovereign couldn't fire a one burst spread of torpedos or otherwise it would of easily found the Scimitar, possibly even damaging it. If you read the manual or Memory Alpha, you will see that the Sovereign Enterprise has 10 torpedo bays(3 fore, 6 aft, and 1 quantum fore launcher), the ship was not designed to fire at once burst spread but consecutively.

This is just to show the great lengths, that the Devs went to give all the firepower to one class of ships to enjoy. People would say, "Cruisers are for tanking," but you don't get rewards or credit for "tanking." You don't get drops for taking hits, instead you get drops for killing stuff or dealing damage. You don't get the top end game drop for 1st place for taking the most hits, but for getting the most kills. There needs to be a balance to give other classes of ships to be top killing machines so their players can enjoy that same rewards escort players get. Now with the new BOFF abilities that allow you to subnuke players take away people's tanking abilities. This is being used in most PVP teams so it makes the tank player, an easy target with no teeth. There is no real atiquate defense against this because Science Team may undo the subnuke timers but it doesn't return the buffs that were turned off, thus making you still vulnerable to attack.

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