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10-25-2012, 10:01 AM
As i've stated elsewhere with regards to the Tier IV chef mission requiring 1000 Taspar eggs and 1000 Heart of Targ's, this bartender mission for the romulan ale and dosi rotgut is just as pointless and clearly created by people who live in an alternate universe, thinking that only large fleets exist and that these items are easy to obtain.

For a start the numbers are wrong, should be 50 of each at most. Secondly, and more importantly, how about we actually get something back? I mean seriously, as mentioned by others already, there is no incentive to do this mission as the reward is utter rubbish... as there is no reward. How about cheaper bottles of drinks at the fleet bar or some other reward? Common sense out the airlock as usual.

Please please please PW, play your game first and realise what a waste of time these missions are unless you follow the two suggestions above, or simply remove them from S7 as they are utterly pointless and a waste of perfectly good resources, not to mention the stress they cause fleet members
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