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# 3336 STO Goals
10-25-2012, 09:15 AM
Short Term Goals:
* I would love to see a control interface for the Separation systems, Kinda like the Ground Crew commands, Of attack, Defend, Stay, Heal, Ect..

* I would love for the separation systems to have their own Equipment setup, Like if you were to take just a weapon system to equip the separation, Plus you have a decent amount of bridge officers who does nothing. Put them aboard the separation system for automatic use of their abilities on the drone.

* I would like to see a better system for mining. I feel just a single daily mission is not enough. At least for the hour the dilithium mining is going on. Open up the Dilithuim Mines for the whole hour.

Mid-Term Goals:
* We Need More Side Questing, The game feels slightly like it's just Pushing the players in a single direction. Like the ability for the player to betray the faction their with to work for the opposite faction.

*The death penalty Especially when running the stfs and if you get stuck in a glitch the increase is ridiculous,

*In the STF's or other PvE Missions I think there should be like a Rewards Mission Bar to tell Estimation how the group is doing on the random loot drops. Also as long as everyone is on the Map it should be set where the players can Exchange their rewards with each other. then make it permanent after you leave the map. That way those who have the Rare Drops already can trade it to those who are looking for the drops.

Long Term Goals
* I would like to see a Raid style Fleet events or missions where the full group of 20 engage in an mission and there are other sub missions that part of the groups have to complete while working on the main mission, (For Example, While taking on a Jem'Hadar insertion force, One of the 4 groups would have to intercept the Support ships that will come in, One or the groups would have to deal with boarding parties, Another group would be taking on the fleet ect..)

*I would like to see additional Factions to play as and the factions equipment, Usable by all. It would be nice to Smuggle or Acquire a Bird of prey for fed use kinda like how Kirk did in the Voyage home.

*I would like to see More Jem'hadar ships and the seasonal ships come back. Cause one time events are ridiculous. Kinda sad I got the full Jem'hadar ship set, Plus Bridge officer, yet I started playing almost 2 years after the Give away event.

*I would also like to see additional Inspirational rewards, It's good that the gold members and Life timers gets Rewards for their time playing. But what about the Free to play people who spend their Money on zen for the Zen store ships, I think it kinda makes the game one sided. there should be a category for Silver Players to earn specific Vet reward, Gold specific vet rewards, and you guys got the Life timer Vet rewards.