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# 3 Not just firepower
10-25-2012, 09:16 AM
The problem isn't just the weapons. The entire system needs major surgery in order to balance it. As long as weapon mod powers are TAC powers the other ships will never catch up. As for tanking, any ship can tank. The escorts dodge/shield tank, the sci ships shield tank and the cruisers shield and hull tank.

Personally I would replace those TAC weapon mod. powers with other emphasizing mobility and tactics, use the beam/cannon/torpedo/mine powers in an additional system (targeting computer, first officer or whatever) that's independent of the type of ship, then make each class of ship favor a type of weapon, dual cannons for escorts, beam arrays for cruisers and torpedo weapons for science ships, and balance it out so that any type of ship of the same tier with similar gear would do and survive the same amount of damage, just in a different way as I described above.

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