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10-25-2012, 10:29 AM
Yeah, those are two projects I will definately never do. I may catch some of the interior decoration options on their reruns, but never those. I can't imagine what good they do, and it's not exactly rewarding to contribute these items to the project. Did it on Tribble. 4 Fleet credits per Dosi Rotgut? Considering how rare they are, how long they take even a large fleet to farm them, or what they'd cost on the exchange? (More than the average doff that nets a minimum of 100 FC.) Not worth it for the fleet, or the players.

And worse yet, no doubt Cryptic realizes how cringeworthy these projects are, but I also think they're probably considering very carefully ways to fix it. Cause if they just slash the input requirements, there might well be backlash from people who (in a fit of insanity) already did these projects.

For those unfortunate enough to have started this project, I can only hope they hurry up on the project cancellation option.

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