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Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
Well, have taken it into a each of the STF's at least once (CSE twice) and it did.... well, adequately. Nothing spectacular, but it did the job.

Upon learning that the current Borg three-piece + MACO shield is due to be mega-nerfed I tried the Omega set on it to see how it might feel post season seven. Let's just say that I may as well have renamed the ship USS Debris. The Omega set, on the Rhode Island, simply couldn't manage the constant (and frankly STUPID) Borg plasma fire ultra-spam (Hazard Emitters are only useful if they're not on cooldown) and with that and the shield drain spam, I didn't last long.

Tried a slight modification - i.e Omega deflector and engine + MACO shield, and it was marginally better, but nothing like the Borg three-piece + MACO shield.

Need to find a useful combo for my Science Captain's Wells class too

Am going to investigate mix-and match options using Fleet Store kit + MACO shield.
I think one very good test would be to test it in a red alert mission in any sector. Just borg. No specific objectives there but to kill enough Borg. I think there you'd getting a better idea - because stfs are more controlled. Personally, I think, the key is to testing out your gear is better in less restriction environments (you'll only know how your ship does in unexpected situations).

If I remember correctly, I had omega shield and deflector with borg engine on my Well's ship, and then switched to all Aegis. The Aegis, for me, at least, works well. Of course on a ship with more hull, it works even better. Plus I love the fact that it has reactive shielding, so as to protect your ship's hull but manipulating the shields. Its awesome.

Also I have all Borg pieces on my Sovereign class ship. Works remarkably well. I can see the various heal and adaptations taking effect many times. I don't how it will be once they change the borg pieces though

On a science ship I usually have at least 2 neutronium (number of slots permitting). On smaller ship like a Nova class (the tier 2[?] ship), which have less consoles slots, I use more monotanium, since its hull strength is significantly lower. A lot of players tell you to get rid of it, but I find it helps a lot on smaller ships.