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10-25-2012, 11:17 AM
Closed a loophole? Brother, please!

They don't play this game. They don't even acknowledge the PROBLEMS we are facing. My fleet battlecruier, with cruiser shields and hull, with field generators and KHG mk XII shields, still is 1-shotted instantly through full shields and hull multiple times a day. It's bullcrap. The devs are so disassociated with this game they shouldn't be programming for it anymore.

Dare I say they all ought to be canned and people that care ought to be hired instead?

They're finding solutions to problems that don't exist, and hosing systems that aren't broken in the process. Further they ignore the massive game breaking problems that run rampant every day. In CSE yesterday I was 1-shotted by cube defending negh'vars firing ISO charges, on EVERY cube. 3 of us died instantly every time they spawned. No delay, no pause, before they even finished decloaking we had instant kill iso charges wiping out the team. EVERY TIME. That's bullcrap, period. End of story. Beside that I ran stat tracking all day and found that the amount of BS instant deaths was absurdly high. Plasma torpedoes were critting up to 50k and wiping out even the heaviest of tanky craft. A tac cube fired a 480k crip torp, and at least 3 more in the 200k range inside a SINGLE ISE run. Donatra's torpedo spread registers as ONE torpedo, of massive crit levels. It wiped me out through full hull and shields while using BFI.

Damage doesn't register properly, even when it's less than lethal. Damage to hull bypasses sheilds no matter what shield level. Then hull KEEPS dropping after the impact stops, and you cannot heal it. HE and ET and A2SIF failed to stop my hull drop even though I fired them all off in sequence, and I still died (no plasma, no incoming damage, just kept dying). It continues to drop (with no plasma) well after the fact. Polarize hull doesn't always stop tractor beams.

STFs are woefully frakked to hell and gone. They are broken systematically from the ground up. And yet they are making things worse by handicapping your options re: set bonuses?

Closing a loophole my arse. They're just so out of freaking touch they have no clue what they're doing.

I'm all for rebalancing the drop rates and tables, etc. That's not what this is. This is a sweeping change meant to reduce dilithium to make the game a far worse grind than it is, and to further artificially make everything harder not by requiring skill but simply by making you all die in 1 shot every time you see an enemy.

So in the future fix the damn tables and don't screw up everything unrelated to them.