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10-25-2012, 12:29 PM
A few things.

1. The Excelsior was a "line ship," yes. It was also a cannon fodder ship. Except for the Lakota, and even then the Defiant had it on the ropes. IIRC the episode the Lakota appeared in, although it took a nasty chunk out of the Defiant, by the end of the battle the only thing the Lakota had going for it were quantum torpedoes (the first ever mention of them, where they were treated as some kind of god weapon).

2. To be perfectly frank, I hope there is NOT a fleet Excelsior unless it does not stomp all over the other ships' niches. Unfortunately the simple fact of the matter is that it is a 130 year old ship. Myself, I have no problem whatsoever with having an ancient ship T5. I do have a problem with it OUTDOING "modern" ships as opposed to being on par with them, and the Excelsior was the most tactical cruiser until the Regent, which is a role that it is arguably far too old to actually competently perform in.

3. It is usually this point where people bring up things like the B-52. These are ancient designs that keep kicking. The thing of that is that the B-52 is, so far as I know, limited to certain mission profiles; I recall reading that most B-52 missions had to have the sky already cleared of fighters to be able to operate effectively, which apparently is not the case where more modern bombers are involved. I am not an expert, merely quoting what I read, but that's true.

While I'd love a boost to the agility of the Regent, I know why it isn't there - so the Excel can have its own niche. And that it does - an agile cruiser with tactical leanings, and with enough speed to be able to be the ship of choice for the cannon cruiser niche for the Federation. That it outperformed more modern ships so grossly in such a high-demand area (tactical cruiser - like it or not the cruiser is probably the most popular ship type, even among tacs) was rather silly to begin with.