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10-25-2012, 11:35 AM
Can we give them a break please? I think we can all agree they really need to play the game they're developing but let's all remember how small the team is compared to other MMOs and give them credit where it's due some of these revamps to the system seem half decent and ok they are increasing the grind game but let's face it guys if the game doesn't make PWE enough money they will close it down now again I agree the content could be more by player request and it could be fun but considering the size of the team and and the requirements as set out by PWE the content they do create is pretty good.

On top of this if they close down the 3 piece borg set they can reduce the number of 1 hit invisi-kills basically we should appreciate what they do do and keep asking for more, I know that player requested content would entice players to spend more money but high dil demands get's impatient people to buy ZEN and that also keeps the game going...

Don't have a go at Cryptic they do what they are told in order to keep us playing and direct your anger at the real ripoff company behind this: PWE