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1. The Excelsior was a "line ship," yes. It was also a cannon fodder ship. Except for the Lakota, and even then the Defiant had it on the ropes. IIRC the episode the Lakota appeared in, although it took a nasty chunk out of the Defiant, by the end of the battle the only thing the Lakota had going for it were quantum torpedoes (the first ever mention of them, where they were treated as some kind of god weapon).
I know you're not interested but the Excelsior has 30 phaser banks, had the Lakota used more than 3 of those the Defiant would have been toast with little to no damage to the Lakota, add the 4 quantum launchers she had (2 per end) then the Defiant would have been spacedust.

if you're going to use the Defiant vs Lakota argument then please do your research at least.